The Easy Breathing Band is simple to install and use. It only takes a few seconds to attach and use it.

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Adult supervision required at ALL times.

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Color/Mask Options

Product Benefits

Comfort is key!

The Easy Breathing Band does not pull or get tangled in a patient's hair, unlike the current mask holder. It also keeps all elastic bands away from the patient's ears. The current elastic bands for masks constantly slip down and get caught on patient's ears, bending them over and making them uncomfortable.

"We want to share The Easy Breathing Band with other stressed out parents!"

"We dreaded having to nebulize our toddler every night and day! He hated it too! The tantrums were awful! But, we weren't about to ignore doctor's orders and risk our son's health, so we came up with a better way!

"The Easy Breathing Band allows our son to continue playing during his treatments. He's comfortable, he's happy and he's getting the medication he needs. That's priceless to us."

  • Elizabeth White-Spratlin
    Co-inventor of The Easy Breathing Band

The Easy Breathing Band will greatly beneļ¬t patients around the world.

More parents would nebulize their children per doctor's orders using The Easy Breathing Band.

Hands-free fun!

Hypoallergenic & machine washable!

"If possible keep babies and children calm. Breathing pattern with crying decreases medication delivered."
-American Lung Association Asthma Plan

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